Logistics and economics

WP5: Logistics & economics


Provide sub-models to optimise the logistics of harvest, storage and transportation of biomass for biogas plants. The outcome of computations will be assessment of qualitative and quantitative changes of biomass during management and of various sales options for biogas as affected by energy incentives. The economic impact of optimising logistics will be evaluated related to the single biogas producer and at the socio-economic level.



Models for economic calculations of total logistics for the provision of various types of biomass for biogas production will be developed. Production costs for various biomass types and logistics on their use can then be calculated and included in the societal calculations for the entire value chain. The products from the biogas plant include the biogas itself, but also wet products created by the process and value added products that can be produced. The model will include assessment of the economically optimal use of products from the wet fermentate fraction.



The algorithm developed is used in the overall models for the entire value chain. The focus is on computational methods to optimise the operation of biogas plants, logistics of salvage of biomass and of end use of the products, which include biogas, fertilizers, etc.



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