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University Southern Denmark (SDU)


Dept. of Chem., Eng., Biotechnology and Env. Technology.

SDU is competent in whole system analysis. The research group possesses strong, internationally recognised expertise in manure and material characterisation that can be used for biogas production and GHG emissions assessment, recycling of organic waste, and environmental engineering.

Activities: WP0 leader (SG Sommer) - Administration and dissemination etc. WP 2 leader (SG Sommer). Contributions to WP3 & WP4. Supervision of PhD 3 and post-doc 1.

Participants : Prof. Sven G. Sommer, Assoc. Prof. Haiyan Qu, Assoc. Prof. Lene Pedersen, PhD student and post-doc.






Technical University of Denmark (DTU-M)


Department of Management Engineering Risø Campus

Specialists in policy studies, system modelling, socio-economics and business economics, and bio-energy technologies.

Activities: WP1 leader (Assoc. Prof. N. Juul with support from Prof. D. Pisinger). Contributions to WP2. Supervision of PhD 1 & post-doc 2.

Participants : Asst. Prof. Nina Juul, Asst. Prof. Marie Münster, Prof. D. Pisinger.





Technical University of Denmark (DTU-E)


Department of Environmental Engineering

Specialist in anaerobic processes digesting organic waste, modelling and optimisation of anaerobic processes, LCA and GHG accounting of waste systems, waste characterisation methods, and representative sampling.

Activities: WP3 leader (Assoc. Prof. T Astrup). Contributions to WP 2 - System model development. Supervision of PhD 2 and post-doc 3.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. T Astrup




University of Copenhagen(KU)


Dept. of Agriculture and Ecology

Extensive research experience of agricultural manures, crop residues and urban waste products, their quality, utilisation and effects on soil nutrient cycling, soil quality and losses of N and P to the environment, simulation modelling, environmental impact and LCA in agricultural systems.

Activities: WP4 leader (Prof. L. Stoumann Jensen). Contributions to WP2 and WP4. Supervision of PhD 4.

Participants: Prof. Lars Stoumann Jensen, Assoc. Prof. Sander Bruun.




University of Aarhus (AU)


Department of Agroecology and Environment

Specialists in greenhouse gas emission and modelling of flows and emissions at field and farm scale.

Activities: Contributions to WP4 and WP2. Supervision of PhD 5.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. Søren O. Petersen and Prof. Jørgen E. Olesen









Research and business competences in green production systems. Production chain experience from national input-output modelling. Specialist in: Renewable energy, biomass logistic policy and incentive schemes, energy market analysis, and energy system modelling

Activities: WP5 leader (Michael Støckler). Contributions to WP2.

Participants: Head of Bioenergy Section Michael Støckler.




Associate partners


South Korea, Canada, Vietnam etc.


Head of the Biochain alliance

Sven Gjedde Sommer

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