BioChain Workshop 2014 Jan

BioChain Workshop Jan 27-29 2014





Danhostel Lyngby-Taarnbæk, Raadvad 1, 2800 LYNGBY - DK.




The partners have agreed on to organise one workshop each year at which we will work on the decision support model (Consist of two to three sub-models) that shall be the outcome this project. This is the first of these workshops and the outcome must be a concept decision support model in excel.


The frame of the worksop

•Biogas production from house hold waste co-digested with animal slurry may not provide sufficient energy during peak consumption period; therefore, beet pulp will be added to the digester to increase production in peak consumption period.


•Feed to the reactor is animal manure/Household waste and beet pulp.


•Consider an annual wheel for harvest and storage of beet pulp and how this biomass can be used in an annual wheel to increase biogas production when need is high and vice versa, i.e. used to make production fulfil demand.


•Variation in consumption of power and heat during the year


•Economy of systems and value chains


•Decision support for assessing need for regulation/incentives


Objective of the workshop


•Inform about planned project activities


•Align end user expectation with objectives of research activities.


•Facilitate collaboration between PhD's and post doc’s involved through a joint activity.


•Agree on a program for the joint model development activity.





Monday 27th of January


Brief intro to the workshop and information about participants

Sven G. Sommer


Decision support

Sven G. sommer


Joint research activity How to get started

Sven G. Sommer


The conceptual model

Ida Grsted Jensen

DTU Management Engineering


Biogas production from sugar beet silage

Jin Mi Triolo



Digestate handling

Sander Bruun



Characterisation of the organic pools in biomass and the related biochemical methane potential

Ali heidarzadeh



Biogas Value Chain – Microeconomic Incentives and Policy regulation

Lise Skovsgaard

DTU Management Engineering


Value Chain Optimisation of Biogas Production

Ida Grsted Jensen

DTU Management Engineering


Models for climate and environmental benefit and life-cycle economics of biogas

Kari-Anne Lyng





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Head of the Biochain alliance

Sven Gjedde Sommer

Niels Bohrs Alle 1

DK-5230 Odense M

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