Jun 2013

BioChain project meetings



The third BioChain meeting was on Jun 19th 2013




1) Welcome, Sven G. Sommer

2) Information WP0: Overview of the project and messages about collaboration agreement. Sven G. Sommer

3) WP1: Value chain optimisation, Henrik Klinge Jacobsen & Nina Juul

4) WP2: Integration and validation of models, Sven G. Sommer

5) WP3: Biomass analysis Thomas Astrup & Alessio Boldrin

6) WP4: Environmental impacts Sander Bruun & Søren O. Petersen

7) WP5: Logistics & economics, Michael Støckler & Lone Abildgaard

8) Presentation of conceptual model work: We will discuss and make decision about joint work and also make sure that the plans will contribute to fulfilment of the project objectives: Model study using excell.

9) Dissemination plan for 2013

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BioChain Minute (Draft version for temperary) download


Presentation of each Work Package


  • WP0: Overview of the project and messages download
  • WP1: Value chain optimisation download download
  • WP2: Integration and validation of models download
  • WP3: Biomass analysis download
  • WP4: Environmental impacts download
  • WP5: Logistics & economics download








Head of the Biochain alliance

Sven Gjedde Sommer

Niels Bohrs Alle 1

DK-5230 Odense M



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